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Remote Solution : How customers and employees benefit

Working from any location is a plus for both sides, especially in the IT world: As a customer, you benefit from lower costs while maintaining the same quality and a larger selection of specialists. Our employees gain flexibility and optimise their work-life balance. Find out what distinguishes the remote model of Entellie, how we combine security and cost efficiency and how we became a remote solution company.

Entellie Remote solution

Our Remote Model

Our remote model compared to home office, freelancers and headhunters

We define remote solution as a completely location-independent working model with an optimal digital infra- and communication structure. With our remote model, all work is done online. In contrast to models where presence and home office phases alternate and technical or personal difficulties may occur, all of our employees work in a professional environment regardless of location. Thus, they act like a branch of your company. All communication and data exchange takes place via secure digital tools. The savings for office space reduces costs and thus prices. We recruit our IT staff globally; we have access to several thousand IT specialists.

This large pool of IT employees means: We will find precisely fitting, qualified candidates in the shortest possible time who will help your project to progress. Even companies in rural areas have access to a pool of skilled workers, which would remain closed due to location-dependent working. As these are not freelancers, but IT specialists who are permanently employed by our partner companies, we can assure you a continuously high-quality level and GDPR compliant work processes. Once your IT team is complete, we will remain at your side. While a headhunter’s job stops as soon as the specialists are acquired, your IT coordinator (Scrum Master) from Entellie stays on board the whole time and supports you in achieving your project goals.

Cost Effictive Remote Solution

Safety and cost efficiency: German coordination and Pakistani development

With our future-oriented remote model, you always have a contact person who acts as an IT coordinator (Scrum Master). Legally you are on the safe side: Our contracts are written in your native language according to your country law and include risk protection for clients. A certified IT coordinator (Scrum Master) is the bridge between you and Pakistani IT professionals and supports you in all matters.

Our IT specialists work in modern offices with high-quality technical equipment. They can be reached during their office hours and take part in internal telephone calls and virtual meetings. We rely on proven digital tools for smooth communication between our customers and our employees. Video calls replace face-to-face meetings and data exchange takes place online. Our internal data protection officers monitor that all work processes comply with the basic data protection regulation (GDPR).

Remote Solution : We are your partner for IT professionals

We provide consulting services at eye level, work out individual solutions and provide you with the IT specialists who will advance your project. At Entellie we offer you clear advantages: Custom-fit and project-related IT staff in a professional environment, cost efficiency, continuously high quality and competent support during your project by certified IT coordinators (Scrum Master). Our values are: diversity, agility, future-oriented and integrity. We are continuing to develop with the goal of becoming a pioneer in the placement of remote specialists. If you would also like to benefit from our fast and cost-efficient placement of IT staff, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Entellie Remote Solutions

The right solution for every project: remote or on-site staff | Remote Solution

Every customer and every project has its own individual requirements. At Entellie we have set ourselves the goal of finding the best individual solution for our customers. We can provide qualified Pakistani IT specialists for your company within two to four weeks. With our future-proof remote model, we integrate IT staff into your workflows.

Entellie Remort Solution

Flexibility And Cost-Efficiency Remote Solution

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to remain flexible. With Entellie, you can draw on additional employees with expert knowledge as required. You can also benefit from our different cost models.

Entellie – Achieving Goals Together

Are you struggling to find the time to drive your business forward? Are routine tasks using up all your energy? Entellie is a reliable partner for flexible digital marketing. Your content marketing, search engine optimisation, and social media management tasks are all in capable, professional hands with us. This means you will have a clear mind for all those important decisions. Would you like to find out more about our digital marketing services? Contact us to arrange a non-binding initial consultation.

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